Latina Leadership

The Latina Leadership Program facilitates women's leadership development and community activism. The program helps women obtain tools to become leaders who can create positive change in the communities. The 20-week program empowers participants to recognize their strengths and build their leadership abilities, assertiveness, and self-perceived skills as an agent of change. Discussions center around cultural factors that may represent challenges to personal development and how the political, social, governmental, and court system works. 

Participants learn about how to conduct meetings, lead group discussions, manage group dynamics, and give and receive criticism. Latina Leadership participants visit their legislators in Springfield and Chicago to advocate for the issues affecting their communities. 

Latina Leadership Participants at a May Day March 2014

The program was created in 1988 in response to the need of women who had received services and wanted to stay connected to the agency in a more healthy way. Latina Leadership moved women from being victims to taking charge of their lives and becoming leaders in their community. A leadership development curriculum was developed for Latinas. The leadership model continues to be updated to meet the needs of current participants.

One of the first classes of Latina Leadership

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