Young Professionals Advisory Council

Mujeres' Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) was established by Mujeres’ Board of Directors to form an integral part of the future development of the organization. YPAC was designed for professionals 35 years and younger to serve as ambassadors of Mujeres to increase awareness and support of Mujeres work with Latinas and families among their peers.

YPAC members provide Mujeres with valuable support through friendraising and fundraising. Activities include identifying new donors, promoting special events throughout the year, and hosting YPAC’s own events. Funds that YPAC raises are used to maintain Mujeres’ program areas. YPAC empowers members by providing an opportunity to strengthen philanthropic and community leadership skills and creates opportunities for professional networking. YPAC is open to people of all backgrounds/genders 35 and younger. 

The members of the Mujeres' Young Professionals Advisory Council serve as ambassadors to increase awareness and support Mujeres Latinas en Acción's work by promoting and creating philanthropic activities that increase community leadership and involvement. Their endeavors directly benefit Mujeres' programs and policy initiatives which seek to empower Latinas by preventing violence against women, increasing access to reproductive health resources, and advocating for comprehensive immigration reform.

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Young Profesionals Advisory Council 2017-2018


Executive Board


Co-Chairs: Alma Amaya
Jasmin Zamora
Vice ChairMayra Bailon
Treasurer: Lubia Nunez-Montelongo
Secretary: Judith Hernandez
 YPAC Members
Susan Alejandra Patzan
Ana Reyes
Stephanie Gomez
Michelle Rivas
Laura Delgado
Grecia J. Tures
Daniella A. Silva
Ziomara Gil
Cecilia Mendoza
Rebecca Medina
Claudia Varela
Annette Uriostegui
Carla M. Flores
Lucy Amaro
Stephanie Melendrez Valdez
Tania Padilla
Jasmine Prince
Samantha C. Gardner
Isabel Gonzalez-Smith
Jessica Barajas
Norma Narsa
Linda Martinez
Judith Torres
Mariela Juarez
Michelle Guevara
Jessica Piña
Gabby Brizuela
Laura Guzman
Christine Mendoza
Fanny Cano
Denise Sandoval
Vanessa Flores


If you have questions about YPAC, please contact Adriana Viteri at (773) 890-7664 or